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Astoux & Brun la Boutique


Traceability and origin of fish & shellfish

The ASTOUX & BRUN boutique is committed to providing you with fresh and seasonal seafood!

This reasoned approach to trade encourages respect for the sustainability of the resource.

It must ensure the sustainability of its activity and not overexploit the resource so as not to have a negative impact on the marine environment.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Like this family story which is passed on with undisputed success, the teams of ASTOUX & BRUN respect the rules of sustainability in fishing.

Fisherman campaigning for sustainable fishing

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Marine species are not always available for fishing and there are periods of availability which vary according to their life cycle and movements.


Fishing is a highly regulated activity in France and professionals must respect rules which limit fishing periods, fishing areas and minimum catch sizes.


Likewise, fishing quotas have been introduced in order to preserve species.


The ASTOUX & BRUN Boutique makes a point of honor to respect this seasonality and these rules.

A full respect for the seasonality of products

It is in this spirit of sustainable fishing that the Maison ASTOUX & BROWN has decided to join the PAVILLON FRANCE label.


Created in 2010, the “Pavillon France” brand aims to promote the consumption of products from French fishing.

The common objective is to support all the men and women of the sector, its products, its trades and its commitments to ensure the fishing of tomorrow.

PAVILLON FRANCE is a collective brand that involves French fishing stakeholders and highlights their commitments and their products.


Each seafood product stamped with PAVILLON FRANCE comes from French fishing, its traceability is guaranteed to you from sea to plate : it is a fish, shell or crustacean that has been caught at sea by a boat flying PAVILLON FRANCE. The specifications are drastic and guarantee the optimal freshness of the products.

  • Vessels consume less energy for more sustainable and responsible fishing

  • Fishermen are better equipped and ensure better storage conditions on board their boats.

  • Fishing is more selective, thanks to new, more targeted nets

  • Better knowledge of the sea in order to better manage marine species and resources

The label


proudly displayed

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Bateau de pêche

Beyond respecting the criteria of sustainable development, La Boutique ASTOUX & BRUN has always made it a point of honor to guarantee irreproachable traceability of its seafood products.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We work with rigorously selected suppliers for their reliability and we are very loyal to them.

We receive deliveries of fresh produce every day (except Sunday) and we have several refrigerated storage warehouses around the fish market.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Each product is received, registered and then labeled, to make it easily identifiable (bar code, name of the customer delivered, designation, reference, batch number, origin and date of arrival).

Impeccable product traceability


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