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Astoux & Brun La Boutique 


Our live shellfish wriggle

in the fishpond or on our stalls

Blue lobster from Brittany and red lobster are our two favorite shellfish.

The blue lobster is very famous for its fine and fragrant flesh and it is the favorite of gourmets. Not to be confused with Canadian lobster, much less tasty. The red (or royal) lobster comes from European coasts. Not to be confused with its cousin of warm seas. Rare and expensive, it is renowned for its flavor and finesse.

Our home-cooked shellfish

We also offer a range of choice shellfish which are cooked on site, according to our "home-made" recipes; our cooking methods, developed by the chef of the Astoux & Brun restaurant, are guaranteed to be free of colorings and preservatives.


  • Periwinkles

  • Whelks

  • Cakes

  • Langoustines

  • Organic or wild pink shrimps (several sizes)

Our shells

Shellfish lovers will not be outdone with very high quality products such as:


  • Prairies

  • Almonds

  • Clams

  • Mussels (depending on season for the Bouchot mussel from Mont St Michel)

  • Scallops (depending on the season)

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