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Astoux & Brun The shop

A family story established in Cannes

Since 1953

The ASTOUX & BRUN house

is a veritable institution in Cannes

whose reputation has never failed since its creation.

The Maison Astoux et Brun was created by the association of the Astoux family and the Brun family. Maurice ASTOUX and his wife, created in 1953 the first seafood and fish sales outlet, at the corner of Rue Louis Blanc and Rue Félix Faure, just a step away from the old port of Cannes.


At that time, the ASTOUX family was already renowned as the great seafood specialist on the entire French Riviera.

Then grandfather BRUN joined the ASTOUX family and developed the business together: this is how the ASTOUX & BRUN brand was born. At that time, the business was essentially based on wholesale trade. 


ASTOUX & BRUN forged its identity and notoriety by delivering to all the restaurants on the Côte d'Azur, from Menton to Saint-Tropez. 


astoux et brun.jpg

Gradually, its popularity is growing and individual customers come to buy their oyster wad on the spot; Maurice BRUN, the Grandfather, has the clever idea of having the oysters and shellfish tasted on the spot, accompanied by a small glass of white wine .


This is how the first restaurant was born. Originally, there was no kitchen and no chef! There was a modest terrace open onto the street, with a few tables, which the regulars shared, and large refrigerated showcases to sell the products.


Every weekend you had to use every tactic to have the "privilege" of having a small seat and to enjoy with friends, your oysters and seafood after having done your market!


Encouraged by this success, Jacky (the son) bought the neighbouring business in 1988 and installed a "real" kitchen to develop the restaurant.


Then, the Brasserie "Astoux & Brun" took off in its veritable flight. The years gone by and the establishment prospered. 

In 1997, Jacky BRUN also took over the adjoining shop and the restaurant expanded further. 

In 2010, the family bought a shop located a few metres from the historic brasserie and the Astoux & Brun Restaurant was created.


A more elegant setting, tableclothed tables, a more "top-of-the-range" service, but the initial philosophy remains unchanged: quality seafood, unequalled freshness, resulting from daily deliveries. 

enseigne astoux et brun cannes

In 2012, the project to open a fishmonger's shop was born.


An opportunity to buy a shop located in front of the brewery presents itself to the family. Astoux & Brun, The seafood takeaway had always existed from day one.  

The energy of the new generation of the family was already at work! Sandrine Brun and her sister Stéphanie already had one foot in the stirrup and the succession of the 3rd generation was in place! They worked hard for the creation of this fishmonger's shop and completely forged it in their own image... 


In addition to oysters and seafood, they have added a range of noble fish which now make the reputation of the fishery. 

la poissonnerie Astoux et Brun

Today, the Maison Astoux & Brun is a veritable institution in Cannes. The 3rd generation is in charge and this "success story" has a solid foundation!


The executive chef of the kitchens has been loyal since 1998, as has the pastry chef! The house has had dedicated employees for more than 35 years!


Some of them even knew the founding grandfather! This family success is the fruit of constant work and an inexorable quest: the demand for quality, traceability and respect for the products.

The three "ASTOUX & BRUN" establishments, "the Brasserie," "the Restaurant" and "the Boutique" are thus managed with the same way of working, true to the credo of its creators: an exemplary transgenerational transmission! 

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