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plateau d'huîtres à Cannes chez Astoux e

Astoux & Brun La Boutique


Jewels of the house Astoux & Brun

It is on the excellence of our oysters that our house has built its reputation.


The drastic selection of our suppliers has always been our concern.


Today, we offer a panel that reveals the best oyster producers, through varied terroirs

The Boutrais family, located near Cancale in Brittany, owns five oyster farms, in Ireland and France, which produce exceptional special oysters raised in a unique terroir. Each hamper is delivered with a vintage guarantee certificate.

Huître Otra Régal.jpg

Ireland specials

Ostra régal

Famille Boutrais

Legris oysters are cultivated in parks located in the middle of the archipelago of the Lilia Islands, at the exit of Aber Wrac'h. They are characterized by a balanced flesh, iodized and with notes of chestnut.

huître creuse n°3.webp

Specials from Brittany

La maison LEGRIS

Archipel de Lilia

The so-called “special” oyster is fleshy. On 100% of the animal there is more than 10.5% of flesh. It can be recognized by its teardrop shape and its very specific concavity (the shell is hollow and more rounded.). The TAILLEPIED family is one of the pioneers in producing this high quality oyster in the Bay of Veys in Normandy. (100% born at sea / 100% natural therefore not triploid)

Huître spéciale de Normandie.jpg

Normandy specials


Located in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron basin, Tafforet has been a producer, breeder and shipper of cupped oysters for 70 years. La Fine de Claire is a slightly fleshy oyster with a very balanced flavor

huître de Marennes d’Oléron Tafforet.jpg

Fines de claires 


Marennes Oléron

The “GILLARDEAU” is to the oyster what the Roll Royce is to the automobile… The ultimate. The house was founded in 1898 in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron basin. It is a real treasure of the French gastronomic heritage which has cultivated excellence for 4 generations.

huîtres Gillardeau.jpg



Marennes-Oléron oysters benefit from a particular breeding and maturing technique: they are matured and matured in clear; they are clay basins that fill up when the tide rises and they conserve water when the sea recedes. The oysters go “clear” after 2 years in the parks, which gives them a particular flavor, specific to this terroir.

Clear Oysters


Oyster lovers favor this appellation for its sweetness, its nutty taste, its fine flesh. Its rarity makes it a very fine and delicate dish very much in demand.

Flat Oysters


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